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Tips to Setting Up Super Fast HTTP Proxy Servers

2010 August 13
Posted by proxy_http

You should always keep in mind that where you setup your http proxy server plays a big part in determining how fast your internet surfing will be with said proxy. Newcomers to the proxy world are completely unaware that the distance from your proxy server hosting to your home computer can have a huge impact on your internet surfing done with the proxy. A good rule of thumb is that the greater the distance between your computer at home and the proxy then the http proxy will be much slower than using your home computer to surf the web. Obviously using http proxies that have IPs in other countries will typically mean slow web browsing. Here are a few tips to make sure your http proxy works as fast as it possibly can.

The thing you can do is to get a proxy that is as close to your house as humanly possible. This sounds obvious and it should because distance is key as the less the distance the less time it will take. Always look to see if there are any hosting providers in your local cit. If this fails then move to larger or the largest city in your country. Failing that, check online to see if there are any surrounding countries that have hosting companies who you think might be able to help. The closer your http proxy is the better. The closer your http proxy is then the less time it takes for data to travel from the proxy to your home computer and vice versa. This all translates into faster web surfing speeds and a much better internet experience with your proxy.

Here is the second step to carry out but can only be done once you’ve located a host. Ask your host for an IP you can ping to test. You are pinging the IP from the host to test ths speed of the connection. Generally speaking, while distance is a major factor it does not always mean the host has a good connection to the internet and pinging the IP will test this. A simple ping command will test their connection and most major operating systems will have some kind of ping feature. What should you get when you ping your proxy? You want the ping speed to be as low as possible. The lower the ping the less time data travels and the faster your proxy will be. I would consider anything around and under 250ms suitable speeds.

The truth is that a lot can affect the performance of a http proxy. Try using using these two tips the next time you setup a proxy server. You should now never have to worry about your http proxies running any slower than they should.

Why A Free HTTP Proxy Server Is Nothing But Trouble

2010 April 16

A free http proxy sounds good but the truth is that it is usually more trouble than it is worth.  Why would something that is free be bad?  Usually free is good, but when it comes to proxies the opposite is typically true.  It doesn’t matter if you are talking about http, socks or elite proxies, free proxies aren’t worth the amount of time and effort most people spending looking for them.  Once you know why it makes perfect sense that paid proxies should be the only kind of proxy anyone uses.

Why are free proxies so bad?  They are bad because they are completely unreliable.  This might not sound bad but there is nothing worse than trying to surf the internet at speeds that make it unbearable.  This is usually what happens if you try to use a free http proxy to surf the internet.  Expect websites to take forever to load and more often than not the proxy will just stop working and never come back online again.  It is also typical that people can spend hours looking for proxies and never actually find any that last longer than a day.  Do you really want to spend several hours each day and come up empty handed each time?

Paid proxies are the only solution because once you use one you realize how much better and easier they are compared to free proxies.  You can forget about any kind of reliability issues or speed problems.  These proxies are super fast and very reliable.  It really isn’t any surprise because more often than not you are the only person using the proxy to surf the internet.  This is the complete opposite to free proxies where you typically have hundreds of people all trying to use the same server at the same time.  If your time is important then forget about a free http proxy and go the paid route instead.  You’ll be happy you did.

How Anonymous Is Your HTTP Proxy Server Really?

2010 April 13
Posted by proxy_http

HTTP proxies are what most people use if they want to access websites and be anonymous online.  They have the ability to not only change your IP that you surf the internet with but make it possible for you to access most if not every different kind of web content and website on the internet.  This is thanks to their ability to access both HTTP and HTTPS websites, making them the best proxy for accessing normal and HTTPS or secure websites with.  Proxies allow people to be anonymous by primarily hiding their home computer IP.  This is what a HTTP proxy does and it makes it impossible for any webmaster or anyone who sniffs your proxy IP to see that you are using a proxy server and what your real home IP is.

What do you want to use a proxy for?  If being anonymous means hiding your IP and looking as though you are just some regular guy living in another country then there is no problem and you can consider yourself completely anonymous while using http proxies.  However, some people may appreciate knowing that this is as far as the anonymity of these kinds of proxies goes.  Here I mean since most http proxies are paid for, it means that someone has your private details related to that payment in storage somewhere.

Obviously you are anonymous while using your proxy server online, but not anonymous in the sense that since you paid for it you revealed some kind of personal information.  Does this affect your or your website surfing in anyway?  No, it doesn’t.  The kind of information associated with making payments to a proxy host or proxy service provider can only be accessed by the law enforcement agencies and you really should have nothing to worry about.  However, there may be some people who would like to be aware of this and find out if there is anything that can be done to add an extra level of anonymity beyond just using the proxy.

The best thing any proxy user can do is to make payment with some method that can’t be traced.  Once again, most http proxy users shouldn’t be the least bit concerned that you paid and someone has your details on file.  Being anonymous online for most people is all about hiding or changing your home computer IP and nothing beats a http proxy for this.

Want to know about a HTTP Proxy?

2009 October 25
Posted by proxy_http

In search of a http proxy? Being 100% anonymous on the internet is easier said than done. Anyone can be anonymous on the internet with a proxy, but here is where the problems start. The main reason for this is because there are many different kinds of proxy servers. Of all the proxy servers you can use, nothing compares to a http proxy when it comes to protecting yourself on the internet.

A proxy acts as a middle man while you are web surfing and transfer info back to your computer. Even if someone takes a look at your IP while you are online, they can only see the proxy server IP and if you are using a http proxy they have no way of knowing that you even changed or have hidden your IP.

While using a http proxy not only are you 100% anonymous, but if anyone looks at or examines an IP on a http proxy they can detect nothing unusual about it. No-one can detect you have changed your IP. There is no use in changing your IP if someone can tell you have done it.

If you are serious about hiding your IP online and , you can’t get any better than a http proxy. They offer the highest levels of anonymity, speed and IPs being completely cloaked is the reason why elite proxies are the best.